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And I had just baked you a 10 layer yellow cake...
Well said!!
Typically, White cakes have a finer texture and are whiter because beaten egg whites are folded into the batter.Yellow cakes have a bit denser crumb and are made from either whole eggs or egg yolks only, giving them a yellow tint. I, too, find they have a more buttery flavour.
I smooth the surface with buttercream or royal. If I want a very stiff RKT, then I use royal. Otherwish I use a crusting buttercream. Smooth with a paper towel, then cover with fondant.
This is such an adorable cake---as well as fabulous!! So sorry it fell...what a heartbreak! Glad you got a pic before the crash!!
I just saw this topic...Just wanted to let you know that I never had the teacup tutorial on the website. I posted some of the teacups, but not the tutorial.I do have a link to a few of my tutorials on the site. I use a regular teacup and saucer as a mold. The trick, just as Patrice said, make sure you dust your cup well and use a firm gumpaste that is dusted well. After you cut the top edge flush with the cup, be sure to lift it out to make sure it is not sticking, then...
Well you have several options. You can use two flavourings...chocolate extract and hazelnut extract.I personally use chocolate extract and substitute some of the liquid in my buttercream recipe with Frangelico. ( hazelnut flavoured liqueur)LorAnn oils makes a chocolate hazelnut oil, and you could add a few drops to your buttercreamOr you can flavour with chocolate extract and substitute Da Vinci hazelnut flavoured syrup in your buttercream recipe.Or you can just make the...
Do you have chocolate hazelnut flavoring? If so, add it to orange colored buttercream and it will only enhance the flavour of the cake and filling. Other flavours that will work great would be orange, caramel, praline, black walnut or vanilla butternut.
Just think...with every one of our cake deliveries, they can buy another dozen 1oz canisters of 24 carat gold luster dust for their next cake!!Hahahahahaha
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