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I agree that the cakes are very nice. I do not agree that there are 2 from the same person as finalist. Also, I do not think that the castle cake should even been concidered for the contest because it was entered into another competition (here) and it did take 3rh place. Even though she did not get any prize for her award. The rules do state that the cake must not be entered in any other contest!
Ok - In case you all are wondering - I got it. And boy - was it a lot of stuff. I have a canversion van - and I had to make 2 trips. I haven't gone through everything yet, but that is my plans for tomorrow - unless I get distract with cub scouts again.As far as the panio kit - it is a pan in the shape of a baby grand with the plate and pillars shaped liked leggs. If you go to the gallery you can do a shearch on piano - there are few pics of pianos but the kit is one...
Thanks for the input - I only have a 5 round pans, the petal pans and 4 square. So, I don't have much of a supply of pans. I also only have 2 pillar sets and no floating stand sets. So in other words - a very basic and small amount of supplies.I guess I am going to take - not like you had to twist my arm too much.
I have the opportunity to buy 5 large totes filled with cake pans, 4 boxes of plates & pillars. This includes the octagon, hearts, circle, 1/2 circle, square, oval, rectangle, 2 piano kits even a 3 feet castle frame for a cake as well as other shaped cake boards & stands. Plus 1 pink fountain, and 2 crystal clear fountains. The cost for this is $400. I checked the pans out - the are in great condition, excellent. Is this too much? My husband says go for it, but I am...
I did saturate the water. I did not put my string in until there was water on the bottom of the pan - and I even dipped my string in water and then sugar and still no luck.I used - 3 cups of water - and 8 cups of sugar - plus more until it would not dissolve. Any other suggestions - otherwise I will try this again.
I have tried 2 times to make rock candy. I have one recipe that states to bring the sugare/water to 240 degrees, and one that says just keep adding sugae until the water won't accept any more. After which in both cases - just place in jar, put our string in the jar and wait. Well, I have waited a total of 8 days - 4 for the first & 4 for the 2nd attempt. Any body know what I ah doing wrong or have and hints as to how to make this work?Thanks
I think you would be a perfect WMI - Your cakes are gorgeous!
Hi Mary Jane-I too am a WMI. I love it - It keeps me excited about cake decorating and it doesn't even feel like I am working. Plus it gives me a night away from the kids.Hope you enjoy
Ok - this might be strange - but here it is.Has anyone done this to gum paste roses or is there something else that would give me the same effect. I love rose, and I love this effect and I am trying to plan a cake with this effect on gum paste roses accented with rock cany.Do you think this would work?
I like this thread - it is great.I do agree - one needs to know when to quit when it comes to putting decorations on cakes. And to help me I use this tip, when I start to question does it need more, I reach for my camera and take a quick shot. Step back into a different room so the cake is out of site and take a look at my pic, I think this gives me a different perspective on what the cake looks like - I add more if I feel the cake is missing something - or I clean up...
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