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After 3 years of having my little cake shop open I am scared that I will have to throw in the towel. I hate this! This bakery is run by my Mother and I, she being the baker and I am the decorator. Just when you think, okay great we have enough for the rent and utilities, then the State Heaqlth department license renewal shows up....$250 dollars for a year. This is a little bitty town in Oklahoma, where do they think we are going to come up with this! I hope we don't...
Thank you, I will give it another go sometime this week...and if all goes well, I will post pics.
Hey all! Last year at the OSSAS I purchased a cutter to make gumpaste honeysuckle from Sugar CIty. The only problem is that it didn't come with instructions. I have searched online, but have not been able to find instructions. Can anyone help with this please? Thanks in advance![/b]
Oh my gosh, don't throw in the towel. My suggestion would be to just use the spatula. I have not had very much luck with the icer tip myself. Good luck...and don't give up!!!
I have see people use royal icing in place of the buttercream for a display cake. I would think that buttercream would yellow really fast, and fall apart. I have seen grocery stores put up displays that are styro and they are covered in buttercream, I just don't know how long they let them set out before replacing them. Good luck, Kellie
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is why this website is so wonderful. You all always come through for me! Kellie
I would love to make a gift box cake with a lifted lid, but I am not sure how to construct it without the lid sliding off. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance!
I would love to order one, maybe in the not to distant future. Have to start saving for X mas!!! You all make me want to order though!!!
Glad to see you all again though...what a relief!
I didn't realize how addicted I was until I couldn't get on. I tried probably 20 times!!!
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