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thank you all for the tips....gonna try the brown as there is no time to run to store...wish me
i need to know what colors to use to get ivory...anyone...hurry my cake scrap are
I know what you are talking about!!! I get the same thing, but usually they just can't believe I haven't taken a course, which is on my list of things to do, of course. Keep your spatula up!! My favorite part is also to see the look on the kids greater compliment!!!!Cakeladee
making an ice cream cake for labor day and not sure what to frost it with. Any suggestion/recipes would be great!!
I was wondering if you all run bakeries or out of your home? and is out of your home even possible with health codes and stuff? are you all licensed or something or just for fun fro friends and such? Just wondering for future possible plans if it's even feasible for me.Thanks for any help
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