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thank you!!! I'll just keep making them for free and if they want to tip me for my time then they can. As Long as I'm creating cakes I don't care =)
Hi everyone!!I am a rookie at pricing cakes... been doing them since I was a teen when grandma taught me. However I do maybe 4 a year. I recently had someone ask how much I charge for a cake. I have no clue!!!! I usually just did them for free for family and friends. I quoted $20.00 for a 1/4 sheet cake. That's what they sell for in the stores. I was told that I'm charging way to little for them but I feel guilty charging $30.00 for a 1/4 sheet cake when it takes little...
I'm in Michigan ... Thank you for the ideas the glove thing worked!!! And it was kinda fun on a wintery day.Thanks again yall!Tammy
Please help! I have a cake order due tomorrow night and my mixer broke! We are under a blizzard warning and I can't get out to buy a new one. Any tips on making icing without my mixer? Thank youTammy
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