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thank you victoriacakery .....I know what is up with that...I guess we can't all be as smart as her ggeezz!! thank you guys for all your comments so far.Kimmy crocker this is truly a gorgeous cake you did an awsome job and If I get this job I'll send you my results.and Prterrel I like the way you think I think its high time we get paid a fair price for the time and efforts we put into these art peices/
I have no idea what to charge for a cake like this?? please help what would your quote be? I know its different in different states or provinces but I just need a ballpark.I am from ottawa ontario canada.
I just got my very first job for a wedding cake YIPPEE but the bride to be asked if I had a contract she had to sign. I told her I didn't want to put any pressure on taste test day which is what she was at my house for. I told her we would meet up for final details, contract and deposit at a later time. Truth be told I didn't have a contract on hand please help does anyone have a contract sample that I can go by?? I couldn't find one for some reason on the cc site.
I can't seem to find a canadian supplier for molds sugar art etc....does anyone know of any? I would order from sugarcraft but the shipping and duty fees just kill me : (
Does anyone know what hue of blue to use for a tiffany box cake ?
Thank you all so much for your Help ...I knew I could count on my CC group
This would be my first wedding cake and I am not sure on how to price it ... I beleive she only wants half of it in cake.
I possibly have my first wedding cake order and I have no idea what to charge please help!!
can I use wilton airbrush in a can on MMF?
tightly sealed in a ziploc and airtight container at room temp or freezer....thats right!
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