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Wow, congratulations! God is good. All the time.
You go, girl!
Wow, those cakes are fabulous. It's a great site to browse.
I'll bet that's not the reason she's not using you, it's just an excuse. Don't sweat it, there's a customer with a better attitude coming along soon.
We are all our own worst critics, and it is not just cakes.I remember my cousin needed a dress and I made it for her, in a hurry, at her house, with her hanging over me as I did. That dress became her favorite, she was so proud of it, even had her senior pictures made in it. Yet whenever I looked at it, all I saw were mistakes.What do you do?
That window is adorable. I bet yours will be too.
Mine is currently $50, but I think it's fixing to go up. I haven't had a $50 order ever.
Deposits on everything, and I do mean everything. My minimum order is $50, and it takes a $25 deposit with full payment 2 weeks ahead. Although, if it's a $50 cake, they usually pay it all when they order.
Well, I'm posting after reading only the first page, so sorry if I repeat something.I personally would not call him back. The man sounds abusive, to everyone around him. Yes, scratch cake tastes different than mix, and he should have participated in the tasting. At the wedding, he's critiquing the cake? Give me a break, he should have been doting on his new wife.He's probably trying to recoup losses. They ate the cake, and that's that. That's why you prepare when you...
Right, I wouldn't discount either. I'm with Mike. So many people think theirs is a "large order", and it's not. Wedding serve more than 300 people all the time, and we aim for cakes that big and bigger. More people is more work, not lessAlso, you're not locked into a price until she signs, so if she just inquired, just inform her your prices have gone up.
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