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Thank you weddingsbymindy and indydebi!!!
I need to make a wedding cake for the 21st and I'm having trouble with the sizes....It needs to be a three layer square cake....It needs to feed 150-180 people...AND they are eating the top layer...Please Help!!! Thanks
THanks everyone..this will be a great help..and don't worry I plan to bake and taste the banana cake before the making the actual wedding cake..I don't want anything that smells or looks nasty..
I have been asked by a friend to make her wedding cake. SHe wants pumpkin and banana cake. I think I will use a cake mix for the banana and I need a light pumkin cake recipe. Any guidance would be great. If anyone has a recipes that start with a cake mix it would be a plus..TIA
I add Almond extract to mine all the time..
EricaT--- That's quite a contradiction to what most of the CC's charge for their cakes.... You would really only charge $ .50-1.50 per slice? Even with chocolate rocks and fresh flowers?
Wow..Thanks to all who reponded and for the wonderful compliments!Leily- Thank you for the detail in your response. The bride told me she wanted sticks and rocks so i nocked around a few ideas and this was the result. It felt so great to come up with the idea...not refrencing someone-elses work- and see the finished product.Roxxxy_luvs_duff- Yes I did these for free they were for my BF (of 4 years) brother.. They had limited means for thei wedding and so I said this would...
I have never charged for any of the cakes I've made- It's more of a hobby than a business. But I did a wedding this past saturday- for my BF's brother- and made two cakes. I have no idea how to price and I thought it would be interesting to know what all of you would have charged for these cakes... Thank you.The Bride's cake is 16" 12" & 8"The Groom's 3- 8" 2Layer squaresall buttercream and DH Cake Mixes
I have never had a melt down either but I was just wondering if the icing would get moist from going to cold then hot?
For those of you who freeze or refrigerate your cakes prior to delivery do you find that the buttercream perspiers when it hits the heat? I was wondering about that for my july 7 wedding cake..I didn't refrigerate because I was worried about the icing sweating...
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