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Is this for California only...or other states too?! Why are some things so difficult!?
You might add some gumpaste to your MMF next time. I usually do a 50/50 mix when doing things like that. The Wilton Fondant does dry better than the MMF too. Sorry I am not much help!!
I created a dam, filled with buttercream, placed the cookie, put another layer of buttercream, then placed the top cake layer on. What else should I do/done?!
I have a cake due this evening and I can't get the bulging to go away!! It is a 2 tiered with a sugar cookie in the middle. I leveled the cakes last night, put the sugar cookie in the middle, put a crumb coat on it, and placed in the fridge all night. This morning I put the icing on and it is bulging so bad!! I scraped off the icing and reapplied the icing, but i STILL can't get the bulging to go away...PLEASE give me some advice!TIA!
I got directions from this website: that will help you!! Good Luck!!
It comes out to about 120 servings on the Wilton Chart. I don't know which chart you go by...why are the two charts so different? Does anyone have an answer to this?
You have BEAUTIFUL cakes! I think you will do great! This is an AWESOME opportunity. Good luck!
Buttercream is what I use most often for fillings and you can add many different flavorings, etc. to change it up. Have you tried a cookie in the middle? Hope that helps some.
Thanks for the ideas!! I wish I had an Airbrush...that would have been PERFECT because he likes the Airbrush paint shirts. I need to get one!!
Thanks for the replies. He doesn't watch much TV or really have a favorite movie. He did get an XBox 360 for Christmas, so maybe I will do that. He just isn't into much besides sports, his cell phone, and video games. I guess a cell phone or an XBox would be cool.Thanks!!
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