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Looking for wedding cake decorator in San Antonio, TX.Please pm for more info.
I made one this past spring. Too fun! I used stirofoam to make the neck. It's easy to carve the right shape and light enough to attach with a dowel and/or toothpicks to the guitar cake. Plus you can make it ahead of time. Have fun.
I always refrigerate my cakes, fondant or not. I've never had any problems with sweating. I'd recommend Choco-Pan fondant for the fridge. The maker says you can put it in there.
I made a giant cookie this summer. I used a baking stone which I think cooked the cookie more evenly. Also, I think using a pizza pan that has holes in the bottom would help also. I do believe I baked it at a lower temp. No higher than 325.
My icing is made entirely with shortning instead of butter, and I do use meringue powder. I'm just concerned because I will probably start constructing the cake and adding decorations about 45 min. before the reception starts. I don't know if it'll start melting in that time. I live in Indy. Right now, we are having some warm and some cool days. Yesterday was 82, today is 62. I won't have any idea of the weather until at least a few days before.
I have an outdoor wedding reception coming up and am not sure what to do about setting up the cake. It may or may not be warm out in a few weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions about keeping the cake cool enough to not melt?
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