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Wonderful little carriage!
I don't do fondant cakes but this thing looks great for cookie dough since I use wax paper or parchment for my cookies. I could put the whole wad of dough in there. . .had anyone used this for cookie dough? Kathy what do you think?
I use the Whimsical Bakehouse spice cake
Endy that sundae is just adorable
The fondant should keep them soft for close to a week but I think 3-5 days is the max for most cookies. Not sure about the buttercream, sounds like it would be sticking to the bag. Use the biggest or as many airtight containers as you can bring, my opinion. . . .good luck
I'd need the entire bottle of pills!
I'll give it a go, yum! I prefer meringue icings but this sounds too good to pass up.
I currently work in a preschool that is peanut-free, there are a few kids will nut allergies. One child doesn't have nut allergies but chocolate and dairy and another has egg allergies. Is there anything I can make so all of the kids can have something? I can't think of a thing!
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