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IN what quantity also, half dozen or dozen? Not sure what to charge. . . TIA That's what I meant, Leah, I changed the post! Thanks for sharing your link.
Great ideas and links, thank you! Only thing is I would not be able to get a photo in time and I do not have an edible image printer. . . .I didn't even think of a BCT, good idea. It's an 11x15, I don't want too much open space. . . I did tell him when we spoke that I'd put music notes on the sides, he liked that idea. I told him if I did a fondant piece on top that there was no way I would have time to put in so many details and he said that was fine, everyone would get...
Man ordered a cake for his son, nice guy, very easy going and basically said do whatever. He calls back and says son's favorite color is green and he is into music, dad is hoping his bassoon playing will land him a scholarship. I have limited time, it's a last minute cake and don't have time for all the details of a bassoon. How do I make something nice that is green iced with green borders that isn't Cake Wreck worthy? No clue. . .
Thanks Cookie. . . I wound up letting them sit and just took a chance with a dry pastry brush, worked pretty well
The cookies are cooled and the icing is just put on but the sugar is also sticking to the cookie, not what I want. Can't get it off because of the detail of the cookie. Is the cookie maybe not 110% cooled? Did some the other day and no problems. . . .hence, why I still hate cookie decorating.(I'm on my way to your house, Bonnie. . if you aren't home then I am making a road trip to Susan's )
Not that I know, maybe add a little confectioner's sugar to sweeten it? Not sure that will work. . . You have the Wilton gels? They stink. Get Americolor next time or Chefmate.
Yes, use shortening but a little at a time
Thanks for all your advice ladies!
Anyone currently doing this? My SIL has a friend who owns a successful deli in my town and mentioned my decorating to her and her friend is interested in meeting me. According to my SIL she does bake but doesn't do much with decorating. I have no idea how to go about this and while I want to see what she says first, I'd like to be semi-prepared. The only thing my SIL said was to have an up to date price list. Any one do this or have any prior experience with selling to a...
Absolutely gorgeous! A wonderful talent!
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