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I've been wanting those from Global for awhile since I saw them in their newsletter, thanks for posting.
It is valuable and I am upping my prices as well, and I don't even get much business. I'm not doing a cake just to do a cake, especially if it's not worth it. Time away from my 5 year old girl, husband, even my dog--not to mention the frequent annoyances that make mama grumpy. Gotta be worth it. . .
Maybe white-white is the MacGuyver of the baking world! The cupcakes are good! They look a bit odd and are very spongey but not in a chewy or dry way, they're still sweet and moist! Might have a new concoction!
Thanks Susan! It depends where you get the Oreos, too--by me the Walmart they are $2.49 and my local grocery they are around $4.09!
Did anyone make this yet? The buttercream, I mean. I did mean to try it but haven't had a cake to do to test it with lately. I have leftover cupcakes and think I will try it in the next day or so.
Thank you both! From what I have found searching online as well, they are pretty pricey! Time to adjust my prices!
Thank you tryingcake, you inspired me to go for it, lol. The texture is a bit odd, hmm, lol, I will havet to cut a wee piece to test it, otherwise it looks good. I put some of the Wilton white-white stuff for the icing, worked well, haha!
Thank you K8--what about the yellow mix, do you think it will fly mixed in with the white? Zaxapoaphobia: scroll down to bonniebakes' post. . .#13, of all numbers
I am making a double layer 11x15 of white cake and doing the extended mix. I usually do scratch cakes, will I have enough if I just have two boxes? One batch doesn't look like it will fill the pan enough but I have not put it in yet. I was wondering if I can do a third mix of extended yellow and mix half of it with each of the white batches. The white has a slight yellow color from the eggs, could I blame the color on eggs? TIA!
I stink at molding my own heads/faces, I know I have seen the doll head molds on here but am not sure where to order one? Thank you!
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