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Hmm, I don't do weddings but I do love Irish stuff! Will that work? Maybe a different take on the Claddagh, incorporate some knots in it--my ring doesn't have a thick band but knots going around the sides. Stick more with assorted knots/mythogy related stuff possibly and no shamrocks! Trinity knots, Tree of Life, something different. Maybe shade the tiers in assorted blues?I have some Celtic links and a very good tattoo artist's site I can send you if you like, they are...
Not letting me add the attachment. . .the cookie is in my photos. . . to Theresa and Cindy for their ideas. I basically like these but the tower color is too dark; I did a cake with a beige color, did not care for it but did not want gray. The RBC/MMF mix got darker when I re-rolled it. I am disappointed in the cookie. I used a sugar cookie, added no levening and despite being chilled, they still spread. I keep my RBC in the...
I LOVE meringue icings but I wasn't crazy about the brown sugar one. . .a matter of taste so you would have to try it. Martha Stewart has the one I used on her site. The sugar is used to make a syrup so it's not gritty.
Bonnie you are too sweet and funny--don't get too excited, who knows how they will turn out! Wish me luck!! (not until early March, by the way--I gotta start early! )
I'm pretty sure it did when I used it a few years ago on RBC, I was just looking to see about what everyone thought and if the glacé would hold up. . .guess I'll find out!
I will probably do cookies using the rolled buttercream/marshmallow fondant combo, they will need to be bagged so would it be better to use royal icing or glacé? The royal will probably break down but be easier for me to use with small details, will glacé do the same (break down from the fat in the rolled icing)? TIA
Definitely Cindy! Thanks for the ideas ladies!
Theresa I love that idea, thank you!! The sun would only make sense to people who have seen the film but everyone would know the hair! Terrific idea, thanks!
WeeOne is having Rapunzel for her birthday theme and I always buy a new cutter and give cookies out to the kids as part of their goody bags. Not sure what to do for this theme--my daughter wants a dress but I cannot find one similar in style (sleeves/length) and honestly do not want that kind of detail of Rapunzel's dress per cookie. . . plus the boys won't be interested. I was thinking maybe the golden sun emblem? Not sure what else I could do. . .any ideas? Only other...
My flour goes right into the freezer when I get it and stays there for 1-2 days and I have a very airtight large container for my flour. Good tip about the bay leaves, thank you.
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