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Thanks again everyone! Sangriacupcakes, thank you so much for that link, that is the idea I went with and it worked great!! Thanks!!
Scp I just emailed my friend and was waiting to hear from her when you answered first, I was thinking that, too, feeze them so they don't fall apart. They are made with cake flour and are very soft. They are for my neighbor, I think she has a cooler and I was ask her if she has ice packs. Thanks you guys are great!!
Thanks ladies! Turns out it was extra canola oil I had and not vegetable but still it's good to know for next time!
I am using Martha Stewart's, all oil, no butter and I believe I am going to run short on canola but I do have vegetable. . .TIA!
The ride is over an hour on Sunday. I have 2 in the oven now, one filled and one not filled. I think they'd taste better filled after, too, get more flavor from them but filling as I scoop the batter would save time. . . .I'll see how they come out. I wish I had experimented sooner, I still have 60 cupcakes and a double 8" to make and have to make the icing and all of that. I can't find my apple corer and could not find one in the store so I was going to use my melon...
Thanks everyone for your replies. I still have the pie filling but bought sleeved cherry filling instead. I keep hearing conflicting things. . someone says bake the filling in the cupcake and some say after. . .they have a long ride on Sunday. . . . oh dear. . .
I was going to use cherry pie filling but my friend said she thinks, and based on some reviews, that the pie filling is too liquidy, ruins the cake and makes the liners soggy. I was going to drain the liquid or maybe cook it with some cornstarch to thicken it. Either that or just go by a sleeve of premade filling.
Thank you ladies!
I bought canned fruit pie filling but cannot find my apple corer. I was going to use the small end of my melon corer. . .not sure how much to put in and how to go about it. . .any help please?
Plum out of ideas for a cake for my Dad's Dutch friend. She is turning 80. Last year I did the windmill, Dutch flag, wooden shoes and tulips. . .no idea what else to do and didn't find much on Google. Is there any special boat like a gondola-type water boat the Dutch use for navigating canals? A canal with a boat and a house on the side is all I can think of. . .any ideas please?
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