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Woman was supposed to get the cake Friday afternoon and I have somewhere to go earlier in the day so I figured I would get the cake done by tomorrow night. Now she says she can wait until before she leaves for the party and will pick it up on Saturday at 1:00. The cake is now frozen so I can do some carving, when I crumb coat it, should I put it in the fridge and let it sit there until tomorrow night to decorate or will it be okay if I cover it with fondant tonight? I have...
How do you cleanly get the isomalt/sugar into the molds? The woman who sold them to me said you can just pour it in and scrape away the excess, which didn't sound good to me, and it wasn't--sticky and messy and left funky edges once the jewels popped out of the mold. Also the mold got a little warped from the heat of the isomalt so it isn't lying completely flat now, either. Second batch I tried just pouring out of the pot and that was better but not by much. Is there...
I did charge her for the 8" squares to carve down +. Jason I don't know how long it will take as I haven't done one yet. . . I am a hobby baker so no overhead and whatnot here. . . .thanks for the replies everyone!
Hey Kelley, yeah I told her that is too small to carve so she'd probably have to start with at least an 8" square for me to work with. . . not much cake in the end but there would be other work involved with the tiara and fondant, etc. . . not sure what to tell her
Sorry. . .I haven't done a pillow cake and have a request for a small one to feed 5-6 people with a tiara on top. No clue how to price for the time into putting into the cake despite the small servings. . . *thank you* in advance!
Christmas one looks nice but my library doesn't carry either one of them and I was wondering if anyone that had them would let me know how they are and if they are worth buying. Thanks!
Kimmy nice work! DragonFly, that's great inspiration.I am thinking of an Irish cottage. Been wanting to do one for years but always get pressed for time and I'd like alot of details. I can always start it and finish it by St. Patrick's Day!
I saw an ad for that book Susan, it looks great (like your work!).
All great ideas, names taken and notes! Thanks everyone!
My daughter's friend has developed a food dye allergy and her mother would like to make her birthday cakes at home, is there a decorating/professional alternative method for dyes and gel colors? TIA!
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