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I loathe Hershey's to eat and I stopped eating milk chocolate years ago, I got a taste for the bitter stuff and never went back. I have used Droste and Ghiradelli cocoas and do not like them, the Droste was very dry and the Ghiradelli had little flavor. I like the Special Dark (Hershey's) very much, color is great and the taste hasn't failed me with cakes. Just my opinion, though.
My cousin is a huge Harry Potter geek, her husband Lord of the Rings and they both like the Legend of Zelda. She is having a girl and her shower is going to be decorated traditionally, with pink, diapers, bows, etc. What is a decent way to combine the two on the cake so it doesn't look hokey? I have some ideas for the cake but am not sure how to bring the two together on the cake. It will probably be a dreaded sheet cake, should I mix them or do one side geek, the other...
Thanks Jen!
Thank you Ella! Did you box it or transport it any special way? Any condensation issues?
It's a sheet cake and will be chilled overnight, mid 60's from western NJ to Queens, is this a good idea? Hoping the neighbor will have a big enough cooler. . .
I saw that as well and once my hubby makes me the stand, I plan on purchasing that app! Great of her to share her find with us!
Thank you Diane and saapena. I did see the video from the Australian cake company but it still wasn't working for me. . . I used some Fondx for it and not homemade MMF and let it sit a bit and for the most part it worked. Having some issues with letters on the end like the "a" and I think the "n" is on the end but it will take some practice. I do fine with the tappits but thought this would be faster. They are larger than I expected as well but I suppose I am stuck with...
Any suggestions on how to use the clikstix? My tappits were working fine but these won't work for me, they keep getting stuck on the counter, whether I use cornstarch on a clean countertop or if I use shortening on the countertop (which is what I do with my tappits). GSA won't take them back since I opened them. How am I supposed to know if I like them if I don't open them and use them??
I have tappits but have been thinking about buying the clikstix, upper and lower case and wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts about them, good or not so good? Thanks
Thanks for the replies! Didn't get an email notice so I am just noticing this now but I will be using the molds again in a month, thanks very much!
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