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CakeGeek, I do have a small plastic one, it's not very good but it more or less does the trick. I can't get fondant in it for the life of me, though; I use rolled buttercream and slather it well with shortening. I'm oretty sure I used it for Jack's hair (in my avatar, my Jack Sparrow, his dreadlocks). I was thinking something thinner for smaller minions but am not sure what. . .all I can think of is maybe some floral wire colored purple. . . hmmm!
Lisa that's good! Cute :)
I know this subject has been beaten and I did read quite a few older threads concerning fruit filling but I am still uncertain what to do. Cake will be a 12" round, I'd like to do 3-4 layers and the top will be a loaf pan cake but no filling--but adding some weight to the 12" below. Customer is my friend and neighbor and is very easy going with my input but she did want fruit or something light. Not keen on a sleeved filling and I've read the gelatin or adding it to...
I'm not doing a DM2 cake but would like to in the future. I've just been thinking after seeing so many cute minion cakes, how would you do the hair on the purple minions? They're awful things but still pretty cute nonetheless!
Great, Sis, thank you! I'll be using it for a bed so it sounds like it will work well.
I'll give it a go, luna, thank you :)
Anyone have any issues with cake batter in a bread/loaf pan at all?
Thanks everyone for your helpful replies! Cookie-baerbel, that's a good sketch! I appreciate it everyone!
Thank you PamCakes. I won't have much time for photos and whatnot and she isn't sure how many servings yet, I just wanted to give her an idea since I haven't made one before. I think it's going to be less than she needs. Thanks for your reply.
Would someone who has made guitar shaped cakes from these sheet cakes share how many servings you got from them? If you have a template for the shape also please I would be grateful. Thank you!
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