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It makes perfect sense! :) Have to keep the purple cotton candy on a search!
I did the 12" board because I have fondant pieces going on the floor and didn't want them in the icing.
Purple cotton candy would be perfect! I've only seen blue and pink, though. Then there is the question of how to attach it. .  .hmm. . . 
    Yes, this is what I am doing. I am concerned about the size of the board because of any gaps. I did it for my daughter's cake a few years ago with no issues but this one has to travel so that's a concern. I don't have any plastic plates. I wanted the parchment underneath so the bottom cake could be cut without ripping up the icing on top.
I have a small loaf cake that will be a bed and am using a 12" round cake board covered in a woodgrain finish to place it on a 12" round underneath. I want the top board to come off easily for cutting. I cannot get teh parchment paper to stick to the bottom of the woodgrain board. I am trying to overlap the woodgrain a bit over the sides to cover the edges of the parchment but it doesn't help much. Suggestions please?
I do have a garlic press. .  .I think I would have to make some rolled BC for the extruder I have and look into getting a good one. I like the noodle idea, something very stiff. I mean look at the hair! Ha!  
I usually pack down a small amount then pile it on top for some texture. I think they taste pretty good mixed up with the icing. A little luster dust will work well for some shimmer also.
Thank you icer
Graham crackers, vanilla cookies, granulated & brown sugar. . .mix it up to get a good color and of course make sure it tastes good.
Anyone use dried fruit or any tips for traveling in warm weather with a fruit filling?
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