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Hey Ladies-After buying an oven thermometer and using 2 flower nails my cake looks like it came out perfect! My oven did run about 5 degrees hot, but it looks like the bigger problem was no heating core. My cake actual rose all the way instead of just the sides with the middle sinking in. I did have to increase the baking time, but again all looks well. Thanks a ton. Rae
No I'm using a light pan. I may just grab that oven thermometer too while I'm out. I usually don't bake over and 8-10" so I'm thinking it is just the nail. But just to be on the safe side, I'm grabbing that thermometer now I did use the bake even strips too. So that's not it. Although to be honest I've never noticed a difference when using them or not. Thanks for the help ladies. I'll let you know what happens this afternoon. Rae
I do bake at 325. The oven is the only other thing, but since I didn't use a heating core, I'm gonna try that first thing tomorrow morning. The oven is not even 3 years old and really never ever burns anything (except big chocolate cakes, lol). But if I burn it with the nail, I'm off to get a thermometer.
Thanks so much. I truly appreciate the help. Unfortunately I don't know too much on the subject but am learning alot from everyone here. Rae
Mrs Missey-I just realized that that's what the problem was. I've not baked a sheet cake like this before and read the directions several times and no where does it even recommend it. So I went to the wilton site and sure enough it says for 10" or larger. Anyway, How do you use the flower nail? Which one the rose or the one for lilies? Does the point go up or down? I feel silly for asking but I can't keep wasting cake like this, lol. Rae
Okay ladies help me figure this out. ALL of my other cakes come out great never burnt no problems. Chocolate isn't working! I have a request in for a chocolate sheet cake (11x15). I lowered my temp, used buttermilk instead of water and it was duncan hines butter recipe. The edges are ALWAYS done before the center and it always rises funny. I seriously don't know what to do. Any suggestions. I'm pretty sure this cake is burnt (although the 10" round I made came out fine). I...
Thanks Becky-I'm pretty sure our publix sells domino. I'm going to go get some tonite and give it a shot. I'm going to sift it a few times now too. I figure I'll go ahead and remake both icings since, I'm petrified the other may have a few undesirable spots. I'm really picky about icing, so this is a must for me. Oh well, glad I started early with this cake! Rae
I must've got a bad batch of powdered sugar. I made my first batch using a new bc recipe from here and I love it! So I started to make the second batch, which is for my colors, and after I separated and added in the color tried it. It's as gritty as gritty can be. My first batch is great and I don't taste it at all in there (thank goodness that's the part I'm icing the whole cake with). Is there anything I can do to save it? This is for a friend's daughter, she paid for...
I'm just wondering how you would do a two toned border? I saw it on a few of the cakes in the gallery and am intrigued! I know how to do the color striping but this looks different. TIARae
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