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I am too excited!!! I was reading the AZ cottage thread, where a CC'er wrote in a letter to her Senator that Michigan was a state with Cottage Food Law. So I Googled it and it's TRUE--Michigan has a Cottage Law in effect since 2010Here's the PDF link:! Great Day in the Morning! Got 2 kids headed to college this year and every extra dollar will help!!!---(did I mention I am excited)
I am trying so haard not to wake up my napping 19 month old nephew! I am laughing so hard it hurts! I'm crying! I WILL be using some of these responses/methods to get rid of cold call sales peopleThanks for the laughs!
Definately do rainbow colored cake! I did a Wizard of Oz cake last year for my co-worker's kids and I did the rainbow color batter as a surprize (and experiment)--it was a HIT! especially since (in my experience) most kids like yellow,white,or vanilla batters, they usually don't like alot of different flavors
Loriesmom--- Would you mind sharing your Sweet Potato cake recipe? I think it will be fantastic at the family Thanksgiving dinner with the Caramel icing below:Wasn't sure if you wanted a Caramel icing, which is one of my most requested flavors: 1/2 c butter, 1c dark brown sugar--firmly packed; 1/4 c milk; 2c powdered sugar--well siftedMelt butter over low heat, add brown sugar and milk, bring to a boil--remove from heat and allow to cool; Add powdered sugar and mix until...
My niece's wedding was cancelled the day before the ceremony just this summer. The groom just didnt want to get married and didn't have the nerve to tell her face to face (they both live in Texas and the wedding was to be held here in Michigan)Anyway, my niece (and my SIL & BIL) decided to have a party anyway since the hall, food, drink & cake were all paid for. The cake topper was left off and not put on the "cake table". We all had a good time (the cake was delicious!)...
Glad it all turned out so well for you & the bridal couple. A little something extra is a nice touch and may give you repeat customers for a long time! If they are having a baby shower soon, offer a nice discount on the shower cake or a gift card to either a restaurant or even the grocery store!
Absolutely beautiful! Love the pictures on sides of cake Inquiring minds wanna know---what kind of quotes did the daughter get from other bakeries?How long did it take you to do this cake--especially the scroll work on the bottom tier?
Just talked to my co worker that I did the cake for--it was a hit!! She even told her sisters that she made the cake and had em goin until the cake was cut & revealed rainbow layers (thanks to my CC'ers--dont remember exactly who). Thanks everyone for your ideas, I had fun making this cake
Beautiful!! Thanks for the step-by-step pictures. I think the colors are wonderful and your design elements very Braun-esque. BE PROUD
Having the same access problems as every one else! I keep getting the Phishing site warning and when I go from one post to another, I get an error page the first time; it takes 2-3 times to get to the next post. Hope this can be fixed soon...
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