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Hi everyone,I've been asked to make Egg Free Cupcakes with a Mickey Mouse Theme for a 2 yr old's Birthday who has an allergy, originally the lady wanted me to bake a shaped cake, but I knew the egg free recipe wouldn't hold up for carving so I convinced her to go with cupcakes.Now I'm thinking it would be nice if I could do a cupcake cake, like I've seen done on this website by so many of you, only thing is I have just 24 cupcakes, what do you think would be the chances of...
Hi,I'm very excited I've been accepted to have a stand at a local hotel's Wedding Fair. Its very hard to get into them here. Anyway this particular hotel doesn't take a fee for the stand, they ask you to provide a gift for Goodie Bags that they give out to the Brides & Grooms who attend the Wedding Fair. The guy in charge said its a great way to get samples out their, but I'm trying to think how best to present them.... what would you do?
Oh thank you..... I see the difference now.... ours has Golden Syrup in it, which makes it so sticky!Will try this as soon as I get a chance.
Hi Everyone,Would someone be kind enough to let me have the Rice Cereal Treat Recipe from the back of a US Box, I'm in Ireland and I've tried the one on our box but its so sticky its impossible to mould anything with.I'm just wondering if the one in America is different in some way.ThanksMartina
Thanks for that information. I used ordinary chocolate on a lid for a shoe box once and i found it very hard to use without getting chocolate on the fondant, this looked so much cleaner.
Hi everyone,Food Network is a new station to me and I notice that Cereal Treats are used a lot for modelling. What way do you make them up, is it with melted marshmallows or white chocolate?ThanksM
Thanks for the idea's guys! The demo is an hour and a half in total. I know myself I can't show them how to do a proper royal iced cake, I like to leave overnight between coats on mine and to be honest I think its a waste of my time and theirs to show them snow.Thats a nice wee Snowman Topper. I was thinking of a Santa Claus but to be honest, there are too many colours and I don't want to leave there and them to have a list of pots of colours/equipment to buy......
I've been asked by a local Secondary School (High School) to do an 1 1/2 hour long demonstration for their Transition Year Students (average age 16) before they decorate their Christmas Cakes this year.I've never done a demo for anyone before. The teacher is talking about showing them both sugarpaste and royal icing and of course decorating also. Now if I take in a Blank Cake & Marzipan it and then have a ready Marzipan Cake and put the fondant on it... thats about 30...
Hi,Can anyone tell me how to make my fondant zebra striped so that it has a nice flat surface as smooth as ordinary fondant.Thanks
Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial or can anyone tell me how to model a boxer dog. I'm doing a Wedding Topper, Groom in Police Uniform, Bride in Dress and their two dogs, both boxers, one sitting one lying down. I've made dogs before but Boxers have such expression I have to get the faces right!!!Any help would be great.
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