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Hoping that you all can help. I am looking for purple sprinkles (non perils) to use on a huge TCU grooms cake to represent people in the stands. I am particularly looking for 4mm in bulk. Can anyone help?
Vicki, where did you find your wash/rinse/sanitize signs?
Thanks Vicki. Off to buy a no-smoking sign an the 3 for above the sink! Congrats and good luck!
Thanks cakesdivine! I am at 150 W. Olmos Drive. Where will you be? I will have to visit you when you are open. Please stop by and say hello!
Thanks so much. How about signs? I have an Emloyees must wash their hands, etc on my bathroom door as you enter. Are there any others?
About to order my health inspection for my new shop in San Antonio, TX. Can anyone tell me exactly what signs I need to have hanging and if there is a particular place for each? Also, I know I need to have certain chemicals at my 3-compartment sink. Can you tell me exactly what those are?
I have a friend that is looking for a bakery in the Houston area that makes eggless cakes. The ones she has contacted want to charge twice the amount for an eggless cake. Thanks for the help.
Does anyone know what the designers use on Ace of Cakes for the figures? I was wondering if it was chocolate clay, gum paste, fondant or what?Thanks everyone!
AGS is opening another cake supply store in the new shopping center where Central Park Mall use to be. So glad there is more than just a couple now! I love to visit Terry's but it was never open when I had an emergency it seems and it was so far from me. I really enjoy the people that work at AGS too. Very friendly and very helpful!
There are many tiger cakes in the gallery. If you find one that you like you can contact the baker and ask if they will share the instructions. I find most people here are very generous with their help. Good Luck!
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