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Have y'all noticed the ingredients in all of their icings? First of all, Rich's Bettercreme is known as a whipped frosting that is "non-dairy", yet has a label that says "Contains Milk, Soy". The baker at Sam's pointed that out. He said, "We have to put 'non-dairy' on the whipped frosting cakes people can buy, yet it says on the label that it has milk." He told me he felt guilty about doing that. (My son's allergic to dairy, so I was looking for alternatives). Sam's...
Hi - I am in Garden Ridge (near Natural Bridge Caverns). I'd be interested, if that isn't too far. Kat
I was so worried Mary would get kicked out, since she jumped out of the limo first. I did not want that. I want to see what she has to offer this entire competition. Her work is amazing!Do they edit Bronwen to sound so "reality star interview style", or is she playing a part? Her little talks crack me up. When she talked about Mary's cake and added the bit about the bride's grandmother, it was kind of funny. Also, she sounded (editing?) so cocky about staying in the limo...
I'm going to jump in here to say that I also switched right after the first time I tried it (needed a good outside recipe to withstand humidity at a wedding). But, since we're on the topic, does anyone make a chocolate butter cream from this recipe? I'd love to know if it's as simple as adding the same way as other BCs.
I feel that if they're dry, they won't change shapes. They won't get finger smushies in them. They are sturdier.I put mine on wax paper and place them somewhere safe (not to be bumped, run over, etc.)
edible images usually don't change the taste. The rice paper images (to me) change everything about a cookie - not for the better.
Ha!! I love it!!
W W! Have you made that? That sounds really rich! I bet she'd love this. Thanks so much!!
WooHoo! I love when members of the CC community keep me informed of this. Thanks!
A lady just moved into town and her favorite kind of cake is a "Swiss Chocolate Truffle" cake from her old town bakery. I can do a swiss chocolate cake, but I'm wondering where the truffle description fits in. She asked me to make one.Any ideas or recipes?Thanks!
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