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My husbands grandmother will be turning 75 this friday and we are all taking her out to dinner and I want to make her a cake. Something more than a plain cake but nothing that is going to take days either. It's going to be traveling for about 1 1/2 hours in the car.thanks misty
We bought some of that non slide stuff last night! The cakes are going to be put in a cooler with Ice but on top of some other stuff so that they aren't "in" the ice because after we get there they have to sit in the car for about an hour before I can take them out and assemble them. Maybe even a bit longer.
I thought about making it myself but the wedding is saturday. Yes this coming saturday the 21st! I'm going to go with the Wilton and add some flavoring to it and hope for the best. I'll be putting buttercream under it so hopefully if people don't like it they can just peel it off.I have to travel 1 1/2's with the cake! I'm making three layers and boxing them all individually so I hope it makes it there!
Thank you for all your help before with the orange creamsicle cake!I am going to cover whatever cake I finally decide on in fondant. I am using Wilton's boxed stuff. How do you feel about it. I plan on kneading some kind of clear flavor into it.Misty
What a sad day in the culinary world. Julia Child has passed away.
LadyCake thank you for the suggestions about the jello and the orange juice. I'll try that tonight. I'm making a test cake without the fondant for my in-laws who are coming home from vacation today. Any suggestions about filling?Misty
Oppps. I mean my husband's uncle! We will be married six years in October!
Hi all,I'm new here and have enjoyed reading and exploring the site. I am making a wedding cake for my husbands wedding on August 21st. It's going to be a three tier cake 10,8,and 6 inch two layer tiers. I was going to do a 4inch top layer for thier anniversary but the wedding is to be outside so getting it frozen won't be possible. I will just do a cake for them when the time comes. I was wondering if any of you wonderful bakers have any ideas to make an Orange Creamsicle...
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