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I have never heard of this, but a customer wants a caramel cake but with the "cream stuff" in the middle between the layers. ??? I always just put the caramel icing there. Anyone out there do it different? I need this cake tomorrow!! TIA!
I use regular old scotch tape on the back of my ribbon.
I agree! You certainly do get what you pay for. People will eventually come to understand that you are not Wal-Mart and your cakes will not be priced like theirs, look or taste like theirs either!Good Luck!
I can almost promise that the dark gray will soon be black! I always stop with the gray anyway.....cuts down on bleeding and always turns black.Red.....lots of color, but starting with pink does help some. I really like the americolor over wilton.
I am with indydebi , I too use Betty crocker straight by the box directions. I have so many compliments on my cakes.....especially the moistness. I am a firm believer in " if it ain't broke, then don't fix it." I am sure there are tons of great tasting cake recipes out there, but I just can't seem to break away from BC mixes.(although I have tried other mixes).Just make sure that you are not overbaking the cakes or underbaking I don't know what others do, but when my...
Here is the final product!I posted the picture in the wedding cake gallery also.Thanks for all of your help. I didn't have any trouble with bleeding.
Do you use the butter flavoring at all? I always use all shortening and then vanilla and butter flavoring. It tastes great and I live in a super high humidity area. I rarely have any icing sliding....unless I get it too thick on the sides
I really like adding the cream cheese to my BC also. It is a great flavor and works well to ice with. I have used on wedding cakes many times to get the cream cheese flavor and not sacrifice the smoothness. Many customers ask for me to do this on chocolate and strawberry cakes.I didn't even know there was a certain recipe together I just add a block of cream cheese and a little more sugar to stiffen the icing back up!
Just an bleeding of the royal on the BC....over 20 hours now,For all of the inquiring will work. Black on white! yeah!I will post pictures after saturday
There are 3 separate cakes....each is 2 tiered. Since they are only the 2 tiered, easy to travel with stacked beforehand.
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