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I tried smoothing it out but there was a large-ish dent because i nicked it with a finger so I added a little more frosting to keep it even. Now my frosting is two different colors. I'm so frustrated!
Scratch the picture, because I'm having a difficult adding it as an attachment here!
Hello everyone. So I finished a cake today and accidently nicked the frosting (after the cake as done, of course. There would be no better timing for that, right?). I tried to do a patch job, but now my frosting colors don't seem to match. The rest of the cake is burgundy and the patch job is lighter. I attached a picture so that you can see my frustrations!How can I fix this?Will time take care of the color issue?Please, please help me!! Thank you so much,Susie
Does the cake have a strong almond taste? I've always wanted to try it, but am not a big fan of almond flavoring.
Whenever I have white frosting which I need black, I add cocoa powder so that it is brown. Then I add the black from there until I get my desired shade. It has worked like a charm for me!
I'm trying to bake a cake in a house without a Kitchen Aid mixer. (I know that you all just gasped). To make matters worse, when I found a small handheld mixer, it was about 30 years old and failed to turn on. Never have I ever heard of any kitchen without some sort of working electrical mixing device!! Anyways, here's my question..I need to make buttercream ASAP! Is there any way that I can make a crusting buttercream without using an electric mixer? Will the...
Thank you all so much for your help! My new pictures are slowly being uploaded!
OK, here's another question....I downloaded Firefox, and it started to work, until it said that my file was too big to upload. How do I make my file smaller?
Thank you all for your help! I'm downloading Firefox now, so I'll let you know if that works. I wonder why Safari won't let me download! Anyways, I LOVE this Mac and I LOVE that you all were so helpful! Thank you!
There are several websites that you can use to order the dragees (edible silver beads).... Here are a few I found for you. luck! By the way, why are they outlawed in your state and where are you from?
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