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I've just had someone ask me for a 3 tier cake - the bottom tier to be strawberry scented sponge and the top two lavender scented sponge.   I haven't come across this before...  any ideas?
Where about in London are you?  :o)
Thank you for all your good wishes.   It turned out fine in the end!   I got up at seven and filled, marzipanned and sugarpasted the bottom tier.   I then put the 9" dummy on it (which should have been fruit cake...  that was just in a box to be taken with separately!)   Then the 7" choc orange cake went on.   Dh drove to the venue and I had the top tier with the models in a box on my lap and I assembled when we got there.   All was fine in the end.  Spoke to...
Thank you!   Well in the morning "all" I have to do is fill and cover the 11" cake.   Stack all 4 tiers (albeit two of them are now dummies!)   Fill and cover the 5" cake that they're taking home with them.   And attach the lace and ribbon.   And attach the roses.   I'm getting up about 7-ish (it's 1.30am now) and have to leave by 11.30am at the latest.  11am-11.15am would be better.   Night night! x x x
Hi folks...  sorry been a bit AWOL, but I've been up to my eyes with 'stuff'...  kids' appointments at school, hospital - plus I've been caking....    I didn't get to bed until 3am last night.  Just don't ask!!!!!!!!   Had the nightmare of all nightmares today.   I'd stacked tomorrow's wedding cake.  Hubby got in from work (very early - what a blessing!) and said "that's not straight"...  so I looked and the bl**dy thing was starting to COLLAPSE!   O.M.G!  That's...
Thanks for posting the pic, guys.   LOL - that's so funny!!!!!  And clever!
No, I didn't see it....  any idea what page it's on?  May, June and July all crazy busy!  August only got two simple birthday cakes.  September two wedding cakes.  I think that unless they're substantial orders I may not take any additional orders for August so that I can spent time with the boys.  Plus hubby has some time off, so... I half registered with the bakers clan page..... must go take a look!!
446   Four hundred and forty six.   THAT'S how many messages have been posted on this thread since I last looked.   I want to join in, but I just caaaaan't!    I can't keep up.  I want to, but....   So I'll just say 'hi' - hope everyone's cakes went well.  My hubby was away on a residential course this last week and I can NEVER go to bed at a reasonable time when he's away.  So I'm shattered.  He and the boys are watching football on tv, so I'm going to watch some...
I never store any cakes in the fridge.   Always at room temp.   But then, I'm in the UK.  We get, like, 3 days of summer!
It was cutting out the letters for the 'FOSTER'S'.  I printed them onto an edible sheet, then cut round them with a scalpel.  I simply cannot tell you HOW LONG it took.  :o( BTW - I thought you guys had slowed down?  There's over 200 messages I haven't read, LOL!!!!!!!
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