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Thanks everyone - I've left the rings as they are - without pearls.  I think I'd worry too much about cutting them and having them stand up..   Here's the very last set of cupcake toppers!  Now I just have to cover the 6" cake decorate it....  it's filled and marzipanned, but needs sugarpaste and decoration.  
Rings...  They look good fromt his angle, but looking down, they don't really look much...  shall I add a 'pearl' each side of the 'diamond'?  They're not stuck down on the sugarpaste circles yet...  
  I still don't get it.  What's the new top secret product????
I am still clueless. Oh pleeeeeeeeease tell me!!!!!!!! 
  So, change of plan today.  Was supposed to take my son for a blood test.  Well, we can go next week.  I've just spent over an hour queuing at the deli for some bits I've ordered (Jewish festival tonight until tomorrow night).  AN HOUR!  I have to do a cake today, as well as the last dozen cupcake toppers.  So blood tests can wait! LOL!! BUT, that's all I have on my list now.  Do the cake, finish the cupcake toppers and TIDY UP!!!
White ribbon for me.  The pink is nice, but the white polka dots don't tie in to the rest of the cake. Like Tiddy, I buy 'bridal white' ribbon.  It's ever so very slightly off-white.  But you can put it with white sugarpaste and it's a perfect match.
No, no, no...  of course I didn't think that.  I agree with you - which is why I showed it in comparison to the others!  We did 'compromise' on the design as the 7 in 007 is usually a gun.  But we left that off!!!!!  I did some tuxedo cupcakes with the cake and they were sooo cute!  I loved those!!
Kathy - you are an absolute diamond! (see what I did there?)  Thank you SOOOO much for the edible gems.    So, I'm already running RIDICULOUSLY behind today....  I didn't get to bed until gone 2am  - I had the most horrendous tummy ache last night (I have Crohn's Disease and although it's very controlled, it happens from time to time).  When I did get into bed, hubby was on a snore-fest!  Didn't matter how many times I 'shushed' him or nudged him to turn over, he was in...
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