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Tiddy - I'm so sorry...  I've missed the posts about you not being well.  I hope you're ok.   Roxy - nope.  I've never replaced it!  It's my most prized cake making piece of equipment!  Worth every penny.  If I had to replace it, I still wouldn't get the double bladed model; it's so quick and easy to use, I don't see the point in paying extra.   Siany - I made ice cream cone cupcakes at the summer fair last week...  I thought they'd go down well with children, but 99%...
In case you were wondering, yes a 10 year old Agbay can still slice through your thumb as well as the day you bought it!!!!   Nothing too bad, fortunately.  A plaster has done the trick!   Remember I was scared about my chocolate cigarellos in the heat and I said they were ok?  Well, there is a very, very slightly bloom on them, but only the tiniest bit and hopefully once the cake is decorated, she'll be looking more at the top than the sides!!
I like a little bit of carrot cake with my cream cheese frosting!
They are individual pieces, with one edge folded over and placed on the cake - then another piece placed slightly overlapping.
They're ok!   Phew!!!!!!!
Kathy - my friend ordered them for me (she did a larger order)..  it may have been The Craft Company?  But in the past, I've just looked around to see who's cheapest!   How was Brighton? We're thinking of going down for the day when hubby is off at the end of August.  We may take the train instead of driving, although by the time we've commuted to get the train from Victoria that's about half the driving time.  So I'll see what hubby prefers.   Right.  I'm going to be...
Morning all!   I'm trying to pluck up the courage to look at the box of chocolate cigarellos I ordered several weeks ago...  They've been stored on top of a unit in my dining room.   I'm dreading it.  One big, melted and re-solidified chunk of chocolate awaits, I'm sure......  I can't bear to look - but I need to!
Oh no!!  Poor boy.  Hope he's ok.  Hope you're ok, too!  Why do these things happen when other half isn't around? 
Awwww - that's lovely!!!!!!   Don't knock it.  After almost 19 years, I'd take any romantic gesture I could get!!!!!!!
*sigh*   I'd have bet my bottom dollar I had yellow cupcake cases.   Nope.   My local store (well, Romford - 20 minute drive) hasn't got any.  I called Hobbycraft and they said they have some mustard-yellow ones.  They'll have to do, I guess.  But I'm sulking.  They're for lemon meringue cupcakes.  I wanted a lovely bright sunshine yellow!!!!!   Friend brought me some of the white paper lolly sticks that I need - but they're MUCH smaller than what I really wanted...
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