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In the UK, we call baking soda 'bicarbonate of soda'.    And baking powder is baking powder!    You add baking powder to plain flour to make it rise (self-raising flour already has a raising agent in).   Bicarb (as it's referred to) is also used as a raising agent, but it needs something acid to make it work.
The Cake Cave flows nicely, but I agree that I think of a cave as a cold, dark, dank place...  not somewhere that would inspire me to purchase a cake from, LOL!   I like the suggestions of The Sweet Suite or The Cake Suite (although you risk people not being able to spell suite properly....  don't assume Joe Public has any common sense!!)
What the....?   PLEASE tell me you thought of a "suitable" reply!!
You can buy measuring cups in any shop that sells baking stuff these days.  You can also get them in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, etc.... 
I'm not 100% sure if the cake boards in the UK are the same as what you use in the US?  We use foil paper covered boards....  The ones that are about half an inch thick we call cake drums.   I brush it lightly with water and then cover.   I personally don't get on with the 'bandage' method of covering around the cake, so I just cover the whole board and I place my cake on a very thin cake card so that the bottom of the cake doesn't make the fondant go mushy!  I...
In the UK, we have baking powder which is a rising agent which doesn't need anything acidic to activate it...   ...  or bicarbonate of soda which is what you call baking soda, which does need something acidic!   Its the bicarb that's bitter!  I can usually taste it in a cake a mile off!!
27?  Pah!  Oh how I long for 27....   I'm thirty-twelve!
If you use s/r flour, there really isn't any need to use baking powder.  Even better than normal s/r, use McDougalls Supreme Sponge Flour.   Did you add any vanilla to your sponge?    Happy birthday for tomorrow x   Suzanne x
Well, I was part of a parenting website and asked some of the women in my online ante/post natal club (with whom I'd become very good friends) for help with the name.   At the time, I hadn't intended to do celebration/wedding cakes...  I was going to do children's cake decorating parties!  Which is why when one of the ladies suggested the name Pat-a-Cake Parties, it was perfect!   Of course, things change and I only did a few parties but the cakes really took off...
If it's what we in the UK call jam, then no...  you don't need to refrigerate.   It will be absolutely fine.
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