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This is the cake I made almost 3 years ago...   I *think* this is the only one I've made for myself...  my nephew's birthday is the same day as mine so I usually make him a...
I take a deposit (I accept cash if delivered in person, or cheques if there's a decent time-frame between when paid and the date of the order or direct bank transfer).   How much deposits varies...  if the cake was, say, £85, I would take £35 deposit with £50 payable in cash upon collection.  I don't accept cheques (unless I know them quite well) for the payment of balance on collection.  I know it sounds RIDICULOUS but I hate being paid in full TOO FAR in advance,...
  If it's short-notice I email the order form as a pdf file (so they can't alter anything!) then ask them to email back with their confirmation that all the details are correct or advising of any amendments. 
I post it to them and get them to sign and post it back (with a cheque for their deposit).   Suzanne x
They're a new product!!  Using mine for the first time this week....  I'm hoping it's as easy to line up as she made it look in the demo!!
Google   FMM Press-Ice   I have the set of 4.
My friend's son has a severe nut / egg / seafood / sesame allergy.   They wouldn't dream of him having anything to eat without checking ingredients first and I think the same would be true of anyone with an allergy. 
Start at the bottom and work your way up.   Let the ones at the bottom set a bit before you put the ones on above it and then they will support them.     Edited to say that that sounds VERY thick...  perhaps even too thick?  I've never made royal icing that thick, yet it's my strong glue of choice!
Please will you let us know (on this thread, so we're notified!) if you get it amended so we can see.... 
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