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I'm not being contrary for the sake of it, but I don't see the problem.   I do choc sponge cake with chocolate buttercream; vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream; caramel flavour sponge with caramel flavour buttercream....  why would almond flavour sponge with almond buttercream be a problem?   As long as you're not heavy-handed with the flavouring, if almond is a flavour the customer likes, then why not?
If you find out if it was a cutter or a mould, would you let us know, please?  It's gorgeous!!
Happy Agbaying!!!!  You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!  
In fairness, she didn't...   ...  It was I who said (jokingly) that that's what her budget probably is!!
I'd form the top 'cup' part from pastillage (let it dry over a former) until solid.  The upright I'd cover a wooden dowel.  And the bottom is just rounds of paste/pastillage....    If you break it down into these three sections, it's not so difficult.   I'd use royal icing to 'glue' the parts together (actually, I'd probably have the dowel go right through into the cake, for stability!)   Suzanne x  
Another way to do this is to use some software to type out wording in the font you need, but then reverse it.   Then you pipe over the printed text on a clear perspex sheet.   Allow to thoroughly dry and then use this to imprint onto the cake.   It will now leave an imprint the right way round to pipe over, on the cake.   HTH   Suzanne x  
obviously, for silver, don't colour your RI with autumn leaf...  make it a light grey!
Start off by colouring your royal icing a little...  I like to put a touch of Sugarflair Autumn Leaf.  Then, when it's fully dry, paint with a mix of gold lustre (Squires Kitchen is a good one) mixed with a little confectioner's glaze and/or IPA (isopropyl alcohol - or I guess something like vodka would do).  Do just one coat and let that dry before you go over it again (if necessary).   HTH   Suzanne x
Thanks.  That was piped with royal icing.
And I bet she's forgotten to add "and my budget is $75"    I had a close acquaintance email me for her son's Bar Mitzvah cake.  The party had a Mission Impossible theme.  She wanted 3 tiers (by the sound of it, it would have to be on some sort of stand, because it wasn't for a stacked cake) and on one tier she wanted a box of dynamite with a model of her son about to cut the wire.  On another tier, she wanted one of the cartoon ball shaped bombs with something like...
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