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Oh no!  We had problems with the builder who did our extension - although nothing quite like the problems you're having, Lizzy.     We're having a loft conversion in the next couple of months ...  the company do a LOT of work around here and they've been recommended by a couple of our friends, so fingers crossed all will go well.
I've been to ExCel a couple of times and the one at B'ham a few times....  B'ham is definitely better!
I think your monkey is fab!!!  What don't you like about it?   Kathy - what a gorgeous garden cake!   Someone mentioned about CI...?  I'm not 100% yet, but I may get the train up for the day on the Sunday. But I'd better decide soon so that I can buy a ticket!!
 Awww....  100 - that's wonderful!How about something along these lines? or
  I wonder if it will affect it - as it may be deeper in the loaf tin, so not sure how it will bake?  Mine always peak A LOT.  OMG....  I JUST REALISED SOMETHING - I never bake at 180c.  Much too high.  I probably bake at 150c or 160c.  Oh crikey - I'm so sorry!!  I hope the cake comes out OK.
Oooh Gray  - that's got a ring to it "Mr Tiddy's Cake Emporium"   LOL!!
How exciting, Tiddy!!!  Good luck with it all.   Kelsey - love the cake.  And the cupcakes are sooo cute, too!!!
Here's the egg-free recipe I use.  I've had a lot of compliments about it.  I've just copied and pasted the recipe as it was given to me...  they're not my comments/method if you see what I mean?   The original instructions indicated that the dry ingredients were sifted into the cake tin: three holes were made, into which the liquids were poured. After a quick mix, the tin [as is] was placed in the oven.. I like to use the muffin method - dry ingredients sifted...
Belated anniversary wishes, Mel!  I hope you had a lovely day.  How many years? I've used that method for putting things on the side of cakes before - works really well!  Your silhouettes are so beautifully cut!!  How did your meeting go?  And why wouldn't he have loved the cake?  It was brilliant!!!!  I've been to Disney World in Florida once...  Animal Kingdon wasn't even built when we went, LOL!! (1993)  Have a FAB time - I'm sure you will!!   That made me roar with...
Oooh, they're beautiful.  Both of them.  But I especially love the silhouette one.  Are the couple painted or cut out?  And if cut, did you use a cutter or hand-cut from a template?  The last couple of wedding fairs I did, I got zilch!   I put so much time and effort (not to mention money) into them that I just don't think I can do one again.  So two consults already is really good - especially as some brides don't always get in touch straight away!  Hope it leads to...
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