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I'd hoped to go, but maybe next year.  No pennies to spend there this year. 
Oooh, loving the these halloween cupcakes!  And your pretties, Nanny!!!!   Someone (sorry, only skim-read some posts as I was flicking through missed pages) asked about getting the Cake Lace snowflakes firm?   What I did was to make them as normal, but after they'd dried I then went and did another coat - but not in Cake Lace.  I used royal icing.  Do exactly the same as you would for Cake Lace.  But then remove immediately.  Leave to dry - royal icing side up - and...
Well, looking through their wedding gallery, I saw this.  It looks like the sort of stand a venue would have.  Whether or not they have a square one, though...     Even a smaller local hotel I've delivered to has a choice of stands, so you might be in luck.    
It's easy enough to find 14" stands, but if for a 12" bottom tier, you'll need a 16" stand, to take into account the cake drum.  They're much harder (and a LOT more expensive) to find.
Oh Maisie - I'm so sorry I forgot to ask after your grandad!    I'm so pleased to hear he seems a bit brighter now, though.  x x x   Tea and Coffee is brewed...  where is everyone then?   Sorry, no cake to offer with it though!! LOL!   Right - off to face the M25!  We're going to friends' for lunch!!
Morning!   Well, last real order before Christmas left the house yesterday!!!  It was just two dozen cupcakes.  (I'm doing the Bar Mitzvah cake for my friend's son at the end of Nov, but that doesn't count as a proper order as she's one of my closest friends!!!)       The fruit for MY son's Bar Mitzvah is soaking and I'll bake that next week at some point.    It feels like a weight has been lifted, knowing that I can finally just concentrate on us.  I have a 2...
It wasn't a parents' evening in that respect...  we all sat in the hall and three teachers gave a talk - with slides - about what to expect / how to help your child in yr 11 and also a very brief intro to 6th form - although there's more info re 6th form next month!
Oh, I just remembered something else.   After the summer fete thingy, I had quite a few cupcakes left over.  So when I got home, I put them in 4 hole plastic pod type thingies and bunged them in the freezer.  When my sons went to friends, I'd take a pack out for them to take with.  Or I'd take some out if I had a friend over for a cuppa, etc....   ...  they froze and defrosted beautifully.  Some had normal buttercream and some had IMBC.    HTH   Suzanne  x
Seriously?  89 posts since I last popped in!!!!   My head is going to explode after sitting in a Yr 11 parent's info meeting this evening, so forgive me if I forget anyone or anything!   Sorry to all those with tooth problems!!!  I really like my dentist.  Small world...  I'd been going to see him for years - turns out his mother-in-law and my (now) mother-in-law have been best friends for over 60 years!!!!!  So my dentist was at my wedding! LOL!    Someone asked...
I'd use my usual cake recipe, just omitting the alcohol.....  (sorry, I know I'm not Kelsey, but thought I'd put my two penneth worth it!)
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