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I've never ganached a cake properly...  I've always been a marzipan gal!!
Morning!! That would be fab - thank you so much!!!
Thank you, Mel   - I've heard about using something to secure it to the cake, but as I'm going to be highly pearlising it, I worry about the stencil or the band taking off the pearl?  I'm just going to have to practice next week and see what works best for me.  Finding the right consistency for the royal icing will be key, too.  I'm thinking toothpaste-like?  LOL - maybe I should toothpaste a dummy first? LOL!!!!!
A-ha!  You've just described me perfectly!!!  I am the QUEEN of procrastination!!! I'm after some advice please.  I'm doing a wedding cake in a couple of weeks, that is based on this design. But I'm doing 4 tiers.  I have the stencil. However.... I have never actually stencilled a cake before!  I'm hoping to cover a dummy and have a go next week, but even the thought of that makes my stomach lurch...  because if I don't...
Colonel Sanders is absolutely amazing!!!!  
I know what you mean...  you can hear he blood drain from their face! LOL!!
But it IS a small wedding cake.  Does it cost you any less to make a 3 tier cake if it's for a birthday than if it's for a wedding? OK, you might take a bit off as there's no consult, no tastings.  But if someone came to you and said I want that cake for a wedding, you'd charge £x without batting an eyelid!
Morning all!   Kathy - yes I did go.  It was good...  but I still wouldn't do one for a customer!   So, Monday I did my first ever pilates class.  By Monday evening, it was my LEGS that were killing me! I expected my stomach to be sore, but not my legs!  I have no idea what that was about.  But it really was VERY sore so I took some paracetamol before bed and it took the edge off.   Yesterday afternoon I went to my first Zumba class.  In my mind I was Ola Jordan. ...
Pah!  There'll be no nude public showering for me, thank you very much!!!!   Your Olaf is brilliant!  I have to do one next month.  If it's remotely as good as yours I'll be very happy!!!!            
Just phoned the gym and I'm on the waiting list to get into the class...  I'm 2nd in the queue, so if 2 people who have booked don't turn up, then I'll be OK!
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