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My initial thoughts are to go with ganache. SMBC doesn't crust...  so it will stay soft.  So depending on the size/shape of the choc pieces, they could slip.  I'd definitely go for ganache as it will set firm.  Out of the two, it's the safer option, in my opinon. x
Depending on the cake either 1 or 1.5.  More often than not, 1.5.  It's really personal preference.  What one person swears by, someone else will hate.  Unfortunately, I think it's a case of trying a few until you find one you get on with.  Yes.  Absolutely, totally, utterly revolting.  DON'T DO IT!!!!!  Kelsey - your shoe looks lovely.  Honestly.  There's no difference in the pics!!!  Mr F speaks wise words!  I like that...  "Cake Closure".  Yes, I like that!!   The...
Hi Raindrops   I love the Sugarpaste Direct sugarpaste.  Maybe you would get on better with a slightly softer paste then?  How about Renshaw's covering paste.  I find that's softer than their Regalice (or whatever they've changed the name to nowadays) and I quite like the slight vanilla flavour it has, too.   Sorry to state the obvious, but are you kneading it first to warm it up a bit?  And not using too much icing sugar which would dry it out?   Once you've covered...
Thanks, Lizzy - no.  He got a knee injury when he went out running (which he hasn't done since he was a teenager....  now he's over 40 and overweight...!)  Went to see a physio who said he thought it was a ligament injury but he should ask GP for an MRI to be sure.  Turns out he has a stress fracture!  So just need to get specialist opinion - although he feels ok now. x   Kathy - hope your hubby is OK.  You couldn't get much closer to the hospital, LOL!!
Thanks, Kathy.   19 years today!!!!   We're just off to Prezzo in Buckhurst Hill before he's got an appt at Holly House (who knew they refer you there on NHS???!!!!)  But it'll just be nice to go out the two of us.  Doesn't happen very often. x   Yes - I put things off and put things off and then work like mad, getting stressed an horrible to be around!!!    I've also got 50 cookies to go with the cake order!
Morning... !   Yes, I did go to bed but my to do list is almost as full as it was yesterday morning!   It's my wedding anniversary today and hubby is off....  so we're going out for lunch before he has a hospital appt.  Who said romance is dead? LOL!   Amongst the 1001 things I have to do, I've been putting off practicing for a wedding cake next week.  I'm so scared.  Which is silly, I know.  Ridiculous, even.  But perhaps I was an ostrich in a former life (ie when...
I actually think I've managed to find a new level of procrastination that must truly be regarded as an art form.
Oh no!!!! 
Siany - I had to do a cake for my dad and his wife that was their 5th wedding anniversary / 25 years of being together.   I did this....   I don't know why I did hearts instead of a number 5....  but it might give you a starting point  for the birthaversary cake?
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