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OK - here's what my chart says.   My "starting point" is always an 8" round.  So if you have a recipe for an 8" round, here's what I use to scale up and down.   4" round = 0.3 (so you'd need around a third of an 8" round) 5" round = 0.4 6" round = 0.6 7" round = 0.8 8" round = 1 9" round = 1.3 10" round = 106 11" round = 1.9 12" round = 2.3   HTH   Suzanne x
OMG - I missed the update on Tiddy!  I just had to look back to see it.   I'm so sorry to hear the news.  Please send her my very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
Sugar - the KFC cake is a-maz-ing!!  I love it and it HONESTLY does not look like it's leaning!!!  The corn on the cob is genius! 
Wilton rose (not rose pink...  just rose).  But the UK Wilton rose isn't quite as bright as that.  But brighter than sugarflair! 
Thank you.  Yes, kippa or cupple or yalmulka - different names for the same thing.  And the prayer shawl around the bottom is a tallit. I think you could wear a dress you've worn before.  And if it's a 'little black dress' you can always give it a different look with different jewellery!  Wow, wow, wow!!!!  That's fantastic.  I bet they were absolutely over the moon with it.  It must have taken ages?  The theme for Daniel's party is Monopoly.  It's quite funny, really.  He...
OMG, Lizzy....  Just....  ewwwwwww!
Thanks petitecat.  Yes, but it'll be a fruit cake bottom tier and anything else will be dummies!  I'm not staying up until silly o'clock the night before!!  That reminds me....  I'd better decide what cake he's having and think about baking in the next few weeks!!!  How lovely to have made a house!!  I presume they were twins??  Was there any reason they chose a house cake?    Matthew (elder son) didn't have a theme for his party.  But Daniel's is going to be themed.... ...
My head is still so 'heavy'....  and I can't put my hands on any paracetamol at the moment.  I've not had anything to eat or drink yet, so that's probably not helping.  Ithink a cup of tea and a slice of toast is definitely called for.... and I've just put a huuuuuge pot of veg soup on to cook.   The party is my son's Bar Mitzvah.  The "dress code" is lounge suit and party dress (not black tie) but I'm going to have a full length evening dress like I did for my elder...
Kathy - was the breakfast at Toby no good then?  Boys have been asking to go...  Have been to the one (Red House?) by Redbridge Roundabout...  it was OK, nothing to write home about.  Kids eat free which is a bonus, I guess.   Hope you have an easy day at work and can have an early night!!!  x x x
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