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Hi y'all!Would any one have the recipe for Marks & Spencer All Butter Ginger Cookie recipe, please? Its so gingerly buttery and slightly chewy .I would really appreciate it if someone could share the recipe with me. I would like to bake them for my mom who just loves ginger cookies.
Thanks Tiffysma!
I just frosted a practice Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. Can I leave the cake out or do I have to keep it in the fridge? How long can the cake be kept out if at all?
Will do that. Thanks
I think that's a great idea. They will definitely be very excited to choose their own cakes and I am sure they will work extra hard to make theirs the best looking.I have not been for a cake course but if I had the chance I would want to learn:1.Perfect ways to ice cakes of different shapes e.g. round, square etc. as well as tips on smoothing2.To make flowers not just roses but the rest of them too eg daisies, lilies, carnations etc.3.Various borders, shells etc4.How to...
Hi y'all!Can anyone share with me your fav. recipe for a buttery, moist but eggless cake, please? Most of the vegan cakes that I have come across are without the butter but I would like the butter in my cake.It should also be sturdy enough for frosting and deco too.Thanks guys.
Way to go! Pooh looks great...
Congrats! Great job! The colour combo is nice too...
Very pretty! Love it! Great job!
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