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blow up a picture of the continent to the size you need, place it on the cake and cut it out. If you want to add depth and dimension for mountains, etc. simply add cake scraps in those areas, ice and cover. Airbrush for extra detail.
I never cook my champagne before baking with it. I use "flat" champagne. I just measure it out and stir it a bit to get the bubbles out.Good luck!
I use almond butter in my almonds cakes. For flavorings I prefer Silver Cloud. Very strong, you only need a tiny bit.
Any one know where I might be able to find a Minnie Mouse mint mold? I usually make my own, but can't find a small enough Minnie Mouse.
By wrappers, do you mean the cups you bake in put the cupcake in after it's baked? If so, I would agree with can cut them out yourself with a Cricut and the cartridge. Contact your nearest Michaels Craft Store and see when their next "Crop Night" is. You simply pay a small fee and can use all...
I have used Ateco and Makins for years and LOVE them! GSA has both of them. Good luck!
This is what I am talking about!!! We have met with the same "type" of brides! Just go with a real cake for cying out loud! I mean, you wouldn't replace the prime rib with hamburger just to save a few bucks would you?
Why all of the influx in dummy cake requests??? Did I miss some "expert" on TV telling people to ask for dummy cakes because the are "cheaper"? If so, this person needs to be seriously corrected. Hello....the dummies still have to be decorated....and cost close to the same as ingredients for a real cake! Sorry.....just had to do a tiny bit of venting!
What a helpful post! I was wondering how you would attach them! Thank you!Do you have a place you prefer to purchse them? Please share.
Found a website that has great prices on the "paper"
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