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Oh, wow!  Thank you, Ginypher!  I will give it a try then!  :)
So did anyone try it out?  How did it go?  What's the verdict?
Perhaps this has been asked. The site has gotten so big it's hard to weed through. I'm delivering and setting up a cake two hours away. Five tiers with flowers between. Ill try to post a photo. Wish I knew the decorator to give credit--it only gives the photographer. Cake is very heavy pound cake with buttercream and fondant. Tier sizes--16" 14" 12" 10" 8" Do you think I can use the Wilton plastic separator plates and twisted pillars? Would that be enough weight...
Hope it goes well!  Post a picture!  Please!
Glad I could help!  I'm pretty sure I found the ribbon at WalMart.  You might find it at JoAnn's or on the internet.  One big reason I put buttercream on the back was because the burlap ribbon had a funny (chemical-like?) smell.  So beware!  
Here's what I ended up doing.  Found some burlap-type ribbon (WalMart).  Covered the back of the ribbon with some buttercream.  Wrapped the fondant-covered tier with the burlap ribbon.  Wrapped and tied the (real) raffia around the burlap.  That way, nothing non-edible/non-food-grade was touching the cake.  Worked pretty well, and the burlap ribbon actually helped hold the cake together, as it was in a hot, non-air-conditioned barn!  Hope that helps a tad!
...and this site has gotten so big it's hard to find anything--forgive me if this has been previously addressed. I have the Wilton zebra-striped sugar sheet and have sheets to make a giraffe pattern as well. Just wondering if the sheets can go on chocolate buttercream. Also wondering if they can be applied to Pastry Pride. Thoughts?
Thank you, punkin90!  It did help hearing that it wasn't just the adhesive I used--misery loves company?  Anyway, I tried Wilton.  They're only open on the weekdays.  I did a little experiment with some shortening.  Seems okay.  Think I'll just take some with me to the venue tomorrow.  If the lighting is okay, I'll just let it be.  Otherwise, I'll do the shortening trick.  Ugh--never again!     Again, thanks!
Have an issue with sugar sheets and the edible adhesive.  I probably should have listed it on this thread, so here's the link:   Thanks!
Groom's mom just emailed me one of her photos--maybe it will show better.
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