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I've found some extra wide straws that could be used for bubble tea at Dollar General so I bought several packs.
I've discovered a peppermint flavored melts from Wilton. I used it on my white chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Yum!!! The melts are white with red specks.
If you are using chocolate buttercream, then you can use Nutella (hazelnut spread). You can find it near the jelly and peanut butter. It makes a very tasty filling or icing for cakes. You mix it into your buttercream, and like magic - Hazelnut buttercream.
I also found my pan at Walmart. I use my pan for making brownies. I am sure it can be used for cupcakes.
I have used chocolate canned icing when I wanted to make black before I discovered Americolor. I would add some powder sugar to the canned icing to make it thicker and easier to pipe. Then I would add the Wilton black color to the icing. I didn't have any problems using it for outline.
You can put large marshmallows in between the cupcakes to fill in the gaps before you place the icing on it. I made a cupcake cake the other day for a paraprofessional's birthday. It won't have straight sides, but that's adds to the charm of a cupcake cake. I use a large spatula to spread the top coat, and I use Viva paper towels to smooth the icing after it crusts over. Then I decorate it just like a regular sheetcake. I hope this helps. You can email me if you need any...
I have brought shell molds in the candy and soap areas of Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I use white chocolate to make them look more realistic.
Thank you for your replies. I did add mp to my buttercream last night because my students were making graham cracker houses today. Then the humidity affected the graham crackers. Oh, well!!! The students did complete and enjoy making their houses.
I was making a baby shower cake this weekend. We had rainy, humid weather. My buttercream wasn't cooperating with me. Is there anything that I can do to make my buttercream more stable in rainy, humid weather? Even my graham cracker houses are softer today due to the humidity. Any suggestions???
I plan to make a 3D Thomas the Train cake for the son of a friend of mine. I am using the Wilton's 3D train pan. What kind of cake did you use to make this train? The instructions with the pan said use a poundcake. Is that the only kind of cake to use for making a 3D cake? Thank you for your help in this matter.Beverly
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