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Thanks guys!
Can I use styrofoam for the dummies? That's what I got at Joann's yesterday. How long do they stay ok enough to use as display?
I love the photo divider thing to show the pics! I wish I had room for that though. I will have to remember that for next time. I don't even know how to make a dummy cake... guess I can try to make a couple small "mini cakes" this weekend.
OK, so it's more like a tiny table. 3 feet long and not very wide to be exact. My friend wants me to do a booth for her event next week. No time to make even a fake model of a cake so I am not sure how I should decorate my table to make it appealing to the eye. I was thinking of getting one or two of those digital frames to show my pictures of my cakes. That way I can put them at eye level and more people can see them at once rather than a book of pictures, plus the small...
I normally use WASC cake or a chocolate version of it if I am going to be carving a cake but the customer wants red velvet cake. Does anyone know how I can either doctor a cake mix to make it more durable for carving or a WASC type scratch version?
they are perishable. I was just worried about frosting and stacking earlier than I normally do. But I think they'll be fine
I didn't even know that we now can have home bakeries in AZ. When did this happen? Do any of you have more info on this?
OK so I have a wedding cake I am delivering Friday afternoon, right after work. No time to stack before delivery. I am also doing their grooms cake which is a replica of a car and will be working on that Thursday. Tonight (wednesday) I plan on filling and frosting the wedding cakes. They are only buttercream, no fondant. Do you think I could stack the 3 tiers tonight and just leave in the fridge till delivery on Friday (2 days from now) and it would be ok?Also, once I am...
OK, after doing some further research from other forum posts the WASC and chocolate version of it did not hold up to carving... too moist and crumbly. Would a pound cake be better then? Anyone have any good recipes for that?
I am doing a car cake for a grooms cake next week and cannot find a chocolate version of a good tasting and dense enough cake that it's good for carving like the WASC. I am stressing enough about the cake that I want to at least find a good recipe. Thanks in advance.
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