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Oh no, Don't worry Marie. I am fine I was just shocked to find one of my cakes on any other site. (and it didn't help that it was a wreck site! lol) I have had a very rough summer on a personal front and was just telling my daughter that I don't even feel the desire to make cakes I haven't even checked out cakecentral until yesterday. It was just one more hit. But I am ok with it now. Thanks everyone and yes the site is funny...
Ok I probably took that harder than I should have but honestly I was sooo humiliated! I emailed Jen from the site and she took my picture off immediately..I have also deleted any and all copies of my pic! I know it was all in fun but it was just one more piece of bad news. Thanks sugaredup and Juds for the comments.
guess I should just quit while I am ahead
OMG!!!!!! Of all the days for me to finally log back onto cakecentral and check out this thread... My baby bum cake is on it Figures that one of my cakes would end up on a cake wreck site... i wanna go cry now!On the other hand...I just looked further on the site and it does say "professional cakes"...which I am by far NOT!!
I just wanted to say that your cakes are all amazing! Even the disaster one!
lets hope the parents have money left to help her out with the divorce too!....sorry feeling nasty today
I did about the same as TExas Rose (I made my first one this last weekend) I also made a few that were a little smaller for filler. Also it helps to turn some on the side when you are making the bow (hope that makes sense.) I made my loops adn let them dry overnight before making the bow. think there is a tutorial on the home page under the how to articles...
I sometimes need to add extra liquid as well. It will get back to spreadable consistency.
Great cakes on here! I guess I could pretty much put my whole album on since I rarely get more than one comment! My jungle one had 30 views: My Porky Pig had 40 views: know somedays it is so busy our pics don't make it to the homepage so this is a great thread! Thanks!
Mine is youngest, Mercury, when he was 1. He loved to hide in boxes They grow up way to fast! I have a 15, 13 and now 3 year olds!
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