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Canned green beans are good cold right out of the can too!
OK now I'm a bit peeved.....Jello had that pudding flavor LAST fall too, and I could never find any around here. Now they have it again, and I STILL can't find it.
Cupcakes??? I'm coming to YOUR house!!!TRICK OR TREAT!!!!
You're up past your bedtime, aren't you Debi???
OK so I guess I'm asking for suggestions but really just venting.....What is it about these wedding venues (ESPECIALLY hotels) that make them set up a HUGE table suitable for seating 8-10 guests to put a cake on? Just how big do they think the cake is going to be, anyway?Big tables make normal cakes look really small Any suggestions on how to make the gigantic table seem less of a monster? I'm especially interested in the opinions of catering folks like Indydebi, for...
Just making sure you understand, the photo attached here in the thread is the one from the magazine...the one in the links is mine. So there's no confusion! I appreciate your kind comments!
Well boy do I feel stupid I hardly ever do fondant covered cakes, and was going back in my memory to Wilton III in which we used piping gel....I tried to adhere the fondant just to the BC but it had crusted to the point where it wouldn't stick consistently and I was fighting with it. Never occurred to me to mist with H2O!!Thanks for the tips!
Now was that really necessary? Feel entertained if you must, that's your right...but don't publicly express humor in someone else's plight, it's just plain not nice.
Yeah my DH just came in here and asked me if I was going to be cleaning up my mess tonight? or would he be making his ham sandwich tomorrow covered in BC. I told him please don't bug me, I'm DECOMPRESSING
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