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I want to do a stand-up sailboat. Nothing to hard. Actually just something simple.
Hello fellow cakers,I need help putting together a sailboat cake for a grooms cake this weekend. Any advice or pictures I would greatly appreciated. Thanks so much,Ivy
Thanks, I'm using the thick ribbon.
I have to out a ribbon around a buttercream cake, do you think I should put wax or parchment paper behind it on the cake so the grease from the buttercream won't come through?Thanks, Ivy
Is there a place for first birthday cakes.
Does anyone know how to make a banana cake denser to be use in the Wilton house pan? Or what I can add to the mix. I use a yellow cake mix, cup of banana's, 1/2 cup oil, 1/2 cup water and 4 eggs. Thanks
Does anyone have an idea of where I can find pictures of cakes for 75 years ago? A customer is giving her mother a 75th birthday party and she wants the cake to look antique. Please help.Ivy
I have two questions for you experts . How much batter do you use for cupcakes. Also what's your average yield of cupcakes per mix? I need to make 180 for a sweet sixteen party and I don't want them to rise to high. I can never figure out how much to use.Thanks, Ivy
I'm not sure if this is posted anywhere on here, but does anyone have the instrustions for the 3-D spiderman head cake? I would like to do that cake for this weekend.Thanks,
Your are just to fantastic. I can't wait until I'm at your level. Good luck next week. Can't wait to see the pictures.Ivy
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