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Thank you. You did a great job describing everything and the picture was very helpful. I can't wait to give it a try!
We are having a "Cake Bake" for our Cub Scout Pack. This is where the boys will bake and decorate a cake. The cakes will be judged and awarded prizes and then auctioned off at our meeting. This is really fun for the boys, but the people who plan the event are not "cake people" like we are. First off, they have 3 themes that the boys can base their design on; Transportation, Nature, and Indian Nations (this is the theme of the month for Cub Scouts). This makes is...
I use the Silpat and aluminum baking sheets like Antonia74 . . . works great!!!
Same here . . . I hardly visit the site anymore unless I am looking for something specific in the forum section
The dulce de leche is a good idea . . . here is a recipe
I don't have any recipes for a caramel filling to help, but I did a search for caramel icing and found this . . . sometimes use icings as fillings like german chocolate or chocolate bc instead of bavarian cream and they taste great. However, I hope that someone can come up with a caramel filling recipe to share with us because that sounds awesome!
Don't have time to bake special cookies for this thread this month, but recently made these for a tea party - pretty "girly" i'd say . . .
I have two chocolate cakes in the oven right now . . . just passing the time here on CC until they are done. Then off to school to pick up the kids! Have fun!
Dry your iced cookies with a fan. They come out with a nice shine that way.
Here is my take on the butterfly. I have only had time to do one design so far this month, but if I end up with some left over dough I will create some more bugs . . .
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