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These are made from colored chocolate and use the same method you would use for a FBCT. Hope that helps!
Thanks Leah. I've been having "bulge issues" lately when I hadn't before. I thought I was putting too much bc filling....I wish I had read this earlier....oh well there's always another cake.Thanks again for sharing!
sharon of sugar shack has a great tutorial on her blog on making a camo hat....maybe some of those hints will help you.
check out this link to cake fixation....her picture tutorial really helped me!
I agree last minute orders....especially wedding....are suspect in my book. Makes me think that maybe she bailed on another plan at the last minute due to dispute and was looking for a replacement. However even if it was just a last minute decision to have a party.....I think based on her attitude at delivery, there is no surprise that she is complaining. In this economy and with questionable circumstances.....I think it is an unfortunate "chalk it up to experience". ...
That is a cute cake....I know a lot of people are using modeling chocolate as a cake decorating medium. You can even mix it with gum paste to give it more rigidity. My guess is modeling chocolate or gumpaste.
Miriam~ great cake! I love how that sugar works for your design.....I agree with tinted piping gel or a mixture of gel and corn syrup....guess it depends on what the finished product needs to look like!
They are pricey to purchase.....check fancyflours dot com and see what you think. There has to be molds out there and a recipe for poured sugar....I'm just not the resource. (the ones you buy from fancyflours are made from isomalt)
Hot pink is a tough one. I use wilton's pink and not rose.......guess it just depends on what your personal preference is. Either way it takes a LOT of gel to get a deep color....and it may just be me, but the red family of dyes seem to thin my buttercream and it also seems to have it's own little scent (not bad....just different)....that happen to anyone else? I think Americolor might be a better choice for anything in the red family.
I don't think the RKT would keep that long.....maybe if you don't add any butter you would be alright. I know some people buy the premade bars from the store and mold those into whatever shape they need, then I think those have preservatives and you will have more of a shelf life. I smash 'em really tight to get a smoother outside, but I do usually coat lightly with buttercream before I cover with fondant....heck I've even made buttercream covered RKT pieces for cakes. ...
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