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I won first place in the decorated cakes in the fair theme and 2nd in the formal theme. I also won best in show with the fair theme cake. It is in my photo gallery..
Well the results are in, I got 1st and 2nd place!!! yay!!
Is there anyone else?
Any one else enter the first half of the cake decorating contest? I know there are more Orange county people here.. :0) Results are posted tomorrow... I have 2 entries in this year..
I entered in 2 categories. Fair theme and novelty. I did it the first year (2007) and last year. I make sure to mark my calender for the end of March so that I make the deadline to enter.. It is different this year, they will not be judging in front of an audience. I am totally afraid it's gonna be like the Oklahoma cake show.. I am not at that level by any means..
I can't find a thread on this. I am sure there is one out there.. Can you put a MF covered cake in the fridge. Also, doesn't MF form a crust like regular fondant? Please help..
I really think the way you are going she will not be dissapointed.. Not just how well you do on the cake and all it's components but for the fact that you did this for her out of the love in your heart.. You have gone the extra mile to make something special for her and her new baby. That alone speaks volumes.. So it's like a double postitive. ;o) Just take a breath and say to yourself I did good.. ;o)
Ashley, you did an awesome job.. Just adjust the feet like the previous mamber stated and add some eyes and you've got it.. It is so smooth and the color is perfect.. I don't think it needs a hat at all.. If you want hair use snippets of yarn.. In my tutorial I use an imitation mohair yarn.. If you have any powder food coloring dust on some accent colors on the bottom of the feet and hiney (test out the color on a sheet of paper before you dab onto the fondant. Too much...
Best advice is to see your Dr. If he suspects Carpul tunnel he will send you to a neurologist who will preform a nerve test. If the test shows you have a significant amount of nerve loss you may concider surgery.. When I say significant loss, I am talking loss of muscle in your hand or loss of strength in your thumb. But this is for you doctor to figure out for you. There are different levels of Carpul tunnel ranging from minor to severe. You may be able to reverse the...
I will definately post pic's.. I was looking forward to seeing your talents once again, Jen.. Happy belated B-day BTW!
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