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Thank you, Deanna. I got the job! There was no demo required during the interview. Thanks again for all of the advice and good wishes.
Thank you, amylynn8. I'm still fairly new to this, so that's encouraging.
Thank you, Stephanie. They have my photos already, minus my latest (Superbowl) cake, anyway. I'll update tomorrow.
Thank you, (cakesby) allison. This is very helpful.
Thank you both for the good wishes.
Hi, Everyone--I have an interview for an in-grocery bakery/deli counter job tomorrow. Do those of you who have--or who have had--this kind of job have any ideas as to what to expect? Will I be doing a demo of anything decorating-wise, or should I expect the typical "all-talk" interview?Thank you for your help.
Ah, thank you, izzybee!
I've actually decided to make a different cake, but replies would be helpful anyway. Thank you.
I want to make a football-shaped cake this weekend and don't have the specialty pans so am using the advice to use loaf pans instead. Two questions:1.) I have bread loaf pans in a few sizes--Will those work? Or are loaf pans for cakes something different? 2.) And if I can use the bread loaf pans, how much batter can I put in each before the cakes sink in the center?Thank you as always.
bonniebakes, hello and thank you. 'So nice to see a reply to this thread so many months later!
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