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It looks ok - I thought maybe it may just be a little drier, not as moist.
I just baked a choc. cake using two boxes of Duncan Hines Cake Mix and only used 3 eggs instead of the 6 needed. It looks good, but how will it taste?
When making a frozen buttercream transfer, what do you use to outline the copy with? Do you use thinned down buttercream icing then to fill in around the outline like you would with color flow? What keeps the outline from breaking up when icing in with buttercream icing? I think it might be easier to star tip the design, but I like the detail you get with the transfer.Thanks.
How do you make buttercream ribbon roses? Do you use a nail? Are they hard to make? I am not good at regular roses. What tip makes a good rosette rose? I"d like large rosettes. Thanks for your help.
I am not very good at making roses and I need to make a lot to use for around the border of a square and round cake. Would 2D tip rosettes look just as good as roses? Also, how do you make ribbon roses? Thanks for any help.
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