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yes, you can pour melted sugar into a glass. Just make sure that the glass is not cold. You could run the glass under hot water for a while to make it warm. I pour melted sugar and isomalt into a glass measuring cup all the time. that should give you a really cool look. good luck.
double post...sorry
I used to give gift certificates with all of the details...size, value up to, exp. date, etc...but the problem I experience is that they never used it on time and called a year later and asked if it would still be OK to redeem. I didn't want to seem like a jerk, so I did. Since then, I've started just donating a 6" or 8" already decorated cake and then put a 10% off your next order coupon with it. That way, the work is done and if they do end up and order, it's a win...
I agree with phoufer, I'd do it tonight. Cakes will settle a bit . You can also leave it in the fridge and it will get good and cold, easier to cover in fondant that way. good luck.
I do lots of color flow and dust/pain frequently. The key - as mentioned above- is to make sure they are completely dry. If you dust them dry you are fine, but if you use dust with vodka/lemon juice...anything wet, you'll need to let it dry really good first. And ALWAYS MAKE AN EXTRA or TWO!Another option is to use gumpaste, I did this for a champaign glass once and painted it. It was sturdier than color flow.Good luck.
I've never baked a cookie with any decorations on it before, maybe someone else would know.
thanks bbmom.
Thought I'd try again. Anyone ever frozen a decorated sugar cookie (with royal icing?)
I've frozen sugar cookies withoug icing, defroasted then iced and they turned out just fine. I wanted to know if anyone ever froze a sugar cookie with royal icing already on it? Anyone tried this?
I just had the same delima, my FIL and two of my brothers - one birthday party ....I decided to do a cake that was for "boys" but was of no specific theme to them....I had wanted to practice doing some cakes out of a Deb Brown book so I picked a cake that had some techniquest that I was anxious to try and I made it. It's the wizard cake in my pics.The boys don't (generally) care what there cake looks like - so just do something that is interesting to you....they will be...
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