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Help! Please someone. My mom is diabetic and my dad has had quadruple bypass. They are both VERY committed to their diets.Today is their 45th anniversary and Sunday (they are Pastors) is Pastor Appreciation Day at our church. I want to make a cake for the 2 of them.Please...any ideas?
Not exactly 3-D but did you see the cake in the Wilton Course 2? The one with the basketweave and a pink or blue background? It's made to look like a baby in a carriage/stroller/ basket. All you see is the baby's cute head, but it's ADORABLE! And I could see that you could make that cake as big as you needed. Good luck!
me too! Sounds awesome! So, like you just add 3 TBS powder to the cake mix?
Thanks! It worked! I just mixed it in slower and beat it longer.Thank you guys!
thanks everyone. I do sift my sugar and I don'tusesalt. I AM using a different sugar, but it's the same brand I always buy in the store only thistime I boughtthe huge 50pound bag from Costco.But I don't think I've ever beat it 8 minutes. I'll try that this time. Thanks bakers!!
Lately my buttercream has been sort od grainy.... like sandy textured I guess. It's beautiful and fluffy at first but then after I bag it and start working with it it becomes grainy. Can anyone help?
SURE!!!! And thank you VERY MUCH!
No I don't havethatbook. But thanks!!You all areGREAT!!
Awesome! I do use the DH Classic White, but I've still been on the yellow side. I have some of that Bright White stuff. I'll try that. Do you think it could be the water? I know that sounds weird, but they taught us that the water WILL affect icing color (allthough I haven't noticed a difference and have tried the filtered from my fridge and bottled.)Thanks everyone. I really do appreciate your help.MOre advice still welcome.
Ok that helps with my scratch cakes because I do use pure vanilla. Thanks!Any idvice for the box?
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